League Winners 2019

Congratulations to Fereneze Golf Club juniors on winning the Fleming Watson League for the second year in a row. It's been another great year for the boys and girls in the team, not only did they win the title, but they went through the whole season winning all 9 matches on the fixture card. This win brings their overall total into double figures for the competition, a fantastic achievement for the club.

Millennium Trophy

The Millennium Trophy was held at Whitecraigs Golf Club on Sunday 9th June. A total of 5 clubs took part in the competition.

The results were as follows:
1st  - Fereneze - 49 (66-17) Jennifer Lynagh, Cameron Kelly, James Christie
2nd - Pollok - 50 (81-31) Guy Hogan, Murray Thomson, Rosie McGuire
3rd - Whitecraigs - 50.5 (68-18.5) Tom Hepburn, Jamie McPherson, Ben McAllister
Best Scratch score - Tom Hepburn  - Whitecraigs - 30
Best Net score - Rosie McGuire - Pollok - 7 (40-33)
Thanks to everyone who took part and to Whitecraigs Golf Club for making the Wee Course available for the competition.

Gala Day

The Gala Day was held at Cathkin Braes Golf Club on Sunday 16th June. A total of 6 clubs took part in the competitions.

Scott Ramsay Trophy.
1st - Cowglen - 121 (175-54)  - Sean Falconer, Calum Morrison, Calum Armstrong
2nd - Fereneze - 127 (173-46) - Arron Sudding, Cameron Kelly, James Christie
Best Scratch score - Sean Falconer - Cowglen - 78
Best Net score - Calum Morrison - Cowglen - 62 (97-35)
David Tait Trophy.
1st  - Fereneze - 165 points
2nd - Cathkin Braes - 159 points
3rd - Whitecraigs - 155 points
Finlay Morris Trophy.
Sean Falconer - Cowglen - 48 points
Many thanks to Cathkin Braes Golf Club for making the course available for the competitions, and congratulations to all the winners. Prizes will be presented at the Annual Dinner in February.

Fleming Watson League @ 2010-2019